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MG7520 Error B203


Called Canon Support and they say it's unrepairable but past 1 year so unreplaceable too.  Tried everything including dismantling the printhead assembly to manually clean.  Barely used the printer, 1 or 2 prints a month.  


Anyone have recommendation on non-Canon I can buy to replace for around the same price range?


I had to do this twice, but for now your solution works. FYI, my problem started with a paper jam. Thank you for posting your solution.


I have chosen Canon over HP for my last 4 printers (over the last 2 decades) because of their robust paper-handling capabilities , i.e., printing on heavy stock without jamming, and I'm sorry to see so many folks who are unhappy with Canon products as a result of this error.  My current MG7520 is about 4 years old.


Didn't work for me. I was printing today with no problems. When I went to print my last page, I got this error. Tried everything suggested. Called Canon who told me I needed a new printer. Of course, I'd just ordered & received a whole set of new ink cartridges a few days ago.

Thank you for your solution.  i've been doing it sucessfully for about 3 months now, but the problem seems to be happening more frequently.  I guess I'm going to start looking for a new printer.  I've been loyal  to Canon for the last dozen years or so, but....

I have used this workaround successfully a few times,   But today, although it seems to return the printer to working condition, a few seconds leter the error recurs.  I suspect that each cycke I go through to "fix" it also wastes a bunch of ink.  So I'm off to buy a new printer. 

"turn off machine, Open the printer like you will be inserting ink cartridges, turn on printer, when the cartridge/printhead unit starts to move, close the printer. When I did it it did a self check for 3 to 4 minutes and when it was done it was ready to print."


This advice totally worked for me. I had no idea what "did a self check for 3 to 4 minutes" meant, I just left the printer open for that long. It seems to be working fine now. Hopefully the fix will last.



worked for me (thus far!)

Hi, I experimented the same issue yesterday when I was using the Canon application for Android phones. This issue usually comes out because of the printing order stays in the queue. So no matter how many times you reboot your printer, the fact is you needing to clean that queue, so my advice for you is to reboot the device from where you sent the order!!! Good Luck!

Been there, done that. Printer just broke. Period. Confirmed with Canon Support. These printers only last a few years. They're disposable and you can purchase another disposable printer for less than the cost of shipping and having them fixed. Canon makes it easy to replace it with another disposable printer. My suggestion to Canon is if you're in the disposable printer business, need end of life support by (1) take back the printer to actually dispose of it, recycle parts, etc instead of making Me contribute to the growing landfill problem; and (2) buy-back unused printer cartridges since the new printers are always different and uses different cartridges.

What method.  I don't see it.  Thx

same here, canon is dying , no more Canon

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