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Pixma TR4720 and Ink is Ridiculous as well as Canon Product Support!


I bought a Pixma TR4720 in October 2021 and the ink costs are killing me.  I print very little but the black ink cartridges only print about 100 pages and are empty.  I print very little in color but when I do have some color they go very fast too.  The XL cartridges say they will work in the TR4720 but the machine rejects them even though the product page says the XL cartridges are compatible with the TR4720.  I tried them once and had to send them back because the machine would not run with those XL cartridges.  My greatest fear now is that I will never be able to use generic cartridges with this machine when my warranty is up in a couple of months.  I will have to throw it away and start with a new machine that will take generic cartridges.  If this is the case I will NEVER buy a Canon machine again and I will tell everyone I know not to buy Canon machines.  Product support is a joke too!!

Is any one else going ink cartridge broke with their Canon printers.?

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