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MG6320 won't print pigment black parts of documents, except when using copy function


I have a Canon MG6320 that refuses to print pigment black when printing from a computer - multiple computers, both windows and macos based.   It does, however, print pigment black when copying a document using the copy function.

I've tried another ink cartridge, a new printhead, several cleanings and alignment checks.   It just won't print the pg black any other way except the Copy function using the scanner.

How do I fix this?    


Product Expert
Product Expert


Just to double check, please print a nozzle check using the steps HERE. Once the nozzle check prints, please let us know if it looks like the example HERE

We look forward to your reply. 

It doesn’t look like that, the black only seems to print when I’m  making copies.  Weird. 

on further discovery, it appears that the copy function was using the small black ink cartridge, not the pgbk cartridge.

Judging by the number of complaints about PGBK, in particular, not printing on MG series printers, and the deafening silence from Canon, I assume they've decided that the problem isn't fixable.   New printheads don't work, repeated cleanings don't work, and new ink cartridges don't work.   This seems to be an issue with poor design or engineering or they bought some part in bulk that was defective and chose to keep using it.   Really a shame.  I'll be looking for a new brand of printer.

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