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MG5650 Orange alarm light on, not flashing, no error displayed.


Hello, I would like to ask assistance with a problem my brand new MG5650 printer is having. I managed to correctly print a test page after setting it up and then followed the instructions to turn it off. The next day I tried printing something and the orange alarm light turned on when I pressed the power button.

The power button also stays on, but the LCD display doesn't turn on and it doesn't show any error. The printer doesn't make any powering up sounds either. 

I tried plugging it into all the different outlets in my house thinking that might be the problem to no avail. 

At one point it did turn on and I managed to print that one document, but now it's doing it again and I can't find anybody else with this error. 

I would aprieciate some help with it before returning it to the store.

Thank you.



I have the same issue, did you find any solution for it

MG5600 orange alarm light on, not flashing, no error displayed. Help

Hi jtconlon,


If no support code is displayed, let's start by resetting the printer.

  1. If the paper output tray is closed, open it.

  2. Turn the printer off.

  3. When the printer is completely off (no lights, screen is blank) unplug the unit.

  4. Press the power button 4-5 times.

  5. Leave the printer off for at least 5 minutes.

  6. Plug the printer in and turn it on.

If the error persists, your printer may require service.


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I have the same issue, I have powered on my printer, but only a permanent orange warning light is showed and I can do nothing with it.


Did you find a solution?.. or I have to call to my region support assistance. The printer has less than 6 uses and it was bought on October 2015.


Thanks in advance if anyone has more details about the problem

mine too any ideas welcomed

Hi Bob71,


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I'm having the same issue.  Porsha I see that you're a MOD... any fixes?

Here is what worked for me (not a specialist, just a user)

  • Disconnect printer from the power outlet.
  • While keeping the red STOP button pressed, connect printer to the power outlet again (nice gymnastics!)
  • After some 20 s or so, the orange light will start to blink (every 2 or 3 s)
  • At that time unpress the red STOP button (the orange light will continue to blink at low frequency)
  • Press the ON button
  • The printer starts up again and shows a warning indicating that last time it was not properly stopped. Always power off the printer with the button, not by disconnecting the power cord.  Glad it was forgiving this time.

My MG5650 printer got this problem today. Tried JosBly's method above. Pressed the red STOP button for several seconds and sure enough the orange light starts to slow-blink.
However, pressing the ON button after this did not work. All that happened is that the orange light went back to solid 😞

Does anyone at Canon have a proper solution to this issue?