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How to disable using color ink when wanting to printing with only black


I have a MX922 which I know is quite old but it's going strong. I print a lot of booklets for a nursing home using black ink and my color ink totally goes empty. I read through some of the old posts and it sounded like there was nothing I could do since I do duplex printing for the booklets. Is there anything I can do to save the color ink. If not what canon printer would I have to buy to have this option? Thanks for your help and advice. 



I didn't check the Windows version of the manual for your printer (available HERE), but in the Mac version on page 31, it states that you can enable Grayscale printing.


However, the manual also notes that while doing grayscale printing, color inks may be used as well as black ink.


Note that for printers that work with color inks, it will combine Cyan, Yellow and Magenta to make black (subtractive color).


Try Grayscale printing to see if it helps to at least reduce the color ink consumption.


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I appreciate you looking it up. I went back and read through things posted from as far back as 2014. They said the grayscale would not use color ink if single page printing but on double sided printing they would still use color ink. Was hoping I’d missed something. Need to find a printer that will only print with black in. Thanks again and God bless