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PIXMA G4210 Cyan not printing


I have a Canon 4210 that has been working fine.  I've had it over a year and use it a lot.  I have had to do deep cleaning of the print head twice before with good results.  However, this time I have done a deep cleaning twice and I am still unable to get CYAN on the test pattern.  Should I do a "flush" or go out and get a cleaning kit and manually clean the heads?  Thanks.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Jack625,


It is recommended that you perform an ink flush:


1.  Please press the wrench and screwdriver button on your printer


2.  Press the right arrow button to select Maintenance and press the OK


3.  Press the right arrow button to select Ink Flush and then press the OK button


4.  Check the displayed message and press OK button


5.  Select Yes and then press OK button


6.  Select Yes and then press OK button







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Patrick - Much appreciated.  Actually, I did flush, resulting in a very small amount of ink remaining in the "yellow" tank in which I had incorrectly deposited Cyan ink.  This corrective action was done after waiting a few days for advice without success.  With the assistance of a thin tube I managed to syphon the remaining ink ()without ingesting more than a residue).  I filled the yellow tank with the proper ink and since then the printing has been fine.  I have not yet tried photos, but I expect after a few more refills that should also be fine.  Thanks again for your input.