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Resolved! EOS webcam utility doesnt work

I HAD a problem when install mine EWC (Eos WebCam)the problem starts from EOS Webcam do not pop up on my screen (basically a logo or something i remember)but in background the service EWC.service was runningso i open my obs to test what happend, and ...

Live Video Stream via CCAPI - python - RTP

Does someone have a working example of using CCAPI with python and rtp to get the live stream of the video?I have a library that takes preview images with flip, but I like to get the video live preview. Instead of repeatedly calling this, I just like...

gvl by Contributor
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EOS Utility Compatible with Mac OS Catalina

Hi, I have an older version of Mac OS (Catalina) and wondering how I can get an older version of EOS Utility. I have a video stuck on my camera because I'm unable to transfer it to my mobile device or computer. I've tried the Cannon app and image.can...

qjay007 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

EOS utility 3 not copying all my pics

I was downloading my pics on my R5, I usually shoot 200+ raw images, when I noticed not all my images had been downloaded to Mac.  This happened several times and since I usually delete the images after download I was losing some of my favorite image...

Streaming Software for My EOS Rebel T8i Camera

Trying to find the software to download for my specific camera but everytime i do on the canon website it says it has no result. anyone know where or how i can find this software to download so i can stream with my camera.

delon by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Why is the 60D not supported in the Webcam Utility?

The 60D is essentially the same camera as the 70D with a smaller sensor and no wifi, but the both have USB, which is required for the webcam functionality to work.  It technically works but is very buggy, especially on Ventura.  Is there any possibil...

Flash28 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

EOS Webcam Utility 2.0.12 drops stream on Mac M1

In 2020 I bought an m50 and used it successfully with my Windows 10 laptop and OBS to create hundreds of hours of live material.I recently purchased a Macbook Pro (macOS Monterey 12.5.1) fully intending to use the camera as a webcam.I installed ESO W...

Canon camera connect laggy on Canon R6

Hello,Every time I shoot with my camera canon R6 (firmware ver. 1.7) connected to my phone(iPhone 12 pro) through the Canon Camera Connect app the live view on my phone lags every 3 seconds. The live view on the camera seems to be working fine; the l...

Resolved! Help video on Webcam utility w/ RP

Hello.  I'm on OSX13.  I installed the latest Webcam utility and have most recent camera firmware on RP.    The "Webcam Utility" appears in all apps as option with only the black screen with words.  No "x" or errors.    However, I connect camera to M...

Rob125 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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