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Digital Photo Professional Crop Defaults

Just downloaded DPP.  The first time that I used it, it didn't try to crop the pictures by default.  Something has changed, and now it's trying to crop every RAW picture to a 16:9 crop.  Is there a setting that I can use to change this default.  I do...

importing photos with Canon Connect app

I'm using the Canon Connect app on my Android smartphone and it is paired with my EOS R5.  Using the app, after picking 'Images on camera', can I choose where to import my images?   I don't see any option for setting the location. After the import/up...

greggp by Enthusiast
  • 9 replies

Rebel XT downloading images

I just bought a used Canon Rebel XT, and I have a cord to download images. But when I connect it to my computer, nothing happens. I did find that I needed to change the setting on the camera, but do I need software for my computer in order to get the...

Webcam Utility Scaling Down t5i Image

Hi everyone, My t5i image has been scaled down when I use it with Webcam Utility. I've attatched screenshots below. (Taken from OBS) (Taken from Zoom) I am shooting 1920x1080 24fps. Does anyone know a fix? Or is this just a feature of older cameras? ...

WebcamUtility_Screenshot_01.png WebcamUtility_Screenshot_02.png
ajs444 by Apprentice
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Editing with PSE 2021

Been playing around with PSE on Quick edit. I needed to delete some things in a photo so I got into the PSE for Dummies and went to guided edit. Played around with this and actually deleted some things in the photo. Will try to attach a before and af...

IMG_8523.JPG Target.Modified.jpg

Getting photos from One Drive to DPP4

I might have addressed this a long time ago but now that I'm learning DPP4 and PSE, I have a trainload of jpeg and RAW photos on One Drive but can't access the photos on DPP4. There is the file on DPP4 but clicking on it comes up with nothing. If I c...

Camera Connect Feature Request

It would be super helpful to add: 01) Anamorphic marker guides 02) Histogram while recording video 03) Option to transcode the video files on mobile Peace, Amr Toukhy

*When available* Canon EOS Utility for Linux (Ubuntu)?

The open source community kindly requests that Canon EOS Utility and Canon EOS Webcam Utility Beta be made available for connecting Canon Cameras to Linux Operating Systems, such as Ubuntu.By only delivering value to the Apple and Microsoft ecosystem...

Resolved! Camera Connect is NOT connecting to 6D Mark II

I'm trying to connect my Camera Connect app to my 6D Mark II and need help.  I've installed the most recent firmware, and the most recent Camera Connect app.  Here are the details of what's going on... 1.  I'm using Android Samsung Galaxy S102.  I se...

Faulkner by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Eliminate sharp reflections?

I'm using this photo in Raw and jpeg as a "guinea pig" to learn DPP4 and PSE 2021. I have played with DPP and PSE Quick to get a decent photo. I want to soften the glare on  the rhododenron leaves in the background. Your suggestions are most welcome....

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