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Canon connect won't work with Samsung note 10 plus


EOS 80D.  Got a Samsung note 10 plus phone over the summer and it was working fine.  Guess there was an android update and now I get this error.  I really enjoyed the NFC feature and use it a lot with my phone.  What can I do to transfer from phone to camera now wireless?  Would another model up with Bluetooth be better for me?  I had thought of that when I got this as I use Bluetooth a lot on my devices for file transfer.  Mary  






 Screenshot_20201228-145902_Camera Connect.jpg



Hi Mary,

Please watch this Canon created video on YouTube.  Pay particular attention to the end that discusses a network settings reset on your camera.  That could be all thats needed to get the camera and phone "talking" again.


Let me know if this helps.




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Thanks, I reset the wireless settings on the camera several times and started from scratch before I posted but it won't connect, get that same error whrn I touch phone to camera and the app opens.  I used that video when I first set this up a few years ago.  Let me uninstall and reinstall the app and see what happens.  Mary

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app sort of fixed it.  Connected once.  Then when I shut camera down and closed app next time I go to use it I get error in app not connected check camera settings.   Managed to do something and got it connected again and have to do something every time as it's no longer automatic.  Used to connect flawless every time I touched camera to phone with my LG G6 and when I first got this note 10 plus but now seems unstable but at least I know I can use it.  Thanks.


You've got it working again.  Its clearly indicated on your device that Samsung has done something to Android OS which is keeping NFC from working with Canon Connect 2.7.0.  So you will not be able to "touch" the devices and enable an NFC connection.


I only use Pixel devices because of compatibility issues like these.  Various manufacturers put skins over the top of Google's Stock Android.  Examples


Samsung (touchwiz)

One Plus (Oxygen OS)

HUAWEI (emui)


Unfortunately, these skins (which these manufacturers call enhancements) can alter the stock features and operation designed by Google.   


As you can see from the video, the wireless profile for your camera is stored and allows subsequent connections to a mobule device or tablet again, but not by tapping in this case.  Your phone or tablet will connect to the camera in access point mode as a hotspot.  Canon has not changed its software, Samsung has in this case.  It sounds like you have this figured out now.  Its possible NFC functionality might return in a subsequent OS update from Samsung.

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If I upgrade will make sure to get Bluetooth.  Didn't really care for the pixel phones when I looked and reviews weren't glowing.  Friend is always having trouble with hers.  Note 10 has no issues with anything else.  Used to always like LG but they didn't having anything that great this time.  Apple I have no interest in as I don't care to switch everything from android as I have a 10 inch Samsung tablet I got last Christmas that is awesome and a PC and laptop.  Mary