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Resolved! Canon PowerShot SD450 Using US Charger in UK

okay I brought a canon Powershot sd450 online and I got it but the charger for the battery pack will not fit into the plug socket I think it is an American one, so I thought ill order a US to UK plug but the only thing holding me back is that looking...


Battery Grip for EOS R5

I currently own the battery grip for the EOS R5 and I noticed that although there are two batteries in the grip only one is registering a shutter count. Even though both batteries seem to be draining. Is this normal?

Battery grip (BG-R10) makes the camera tip over

I got the new Canon R5C a couple of weeks ago, and I'm loving it.  I bought the BG-R10 to double up on the battery life.  But one side effect is that many of my lenses cause the camera to tip.  I know it's only a matter of time before I set it down, ...

Resolved! 2x 111 extender

Is there any point getting a 2x extender 111 for a 70-200 f4 ?I have a 5D Mark 4. Would the AF work ?  90 plus percent outdoor shooting. F8 too slow ?Thanks 

Question about filters

I am new to photography. I live on the ocean. Most times in the morning, if the sea is flat, the small waves reflect the sunlight. It's an amazing view. I have been reluctant to take a photo because I would be shooting almost directly into the sun. I...


I'm just wanting to tell all about something that may be old news to most of you, but, to someone like me, it's all new.  I'll tell it as a story.   I got my Canon EOS 2000D in the autumn as an early Christmas gift.  I make jewellery and I need to ke...

5d mark ii / 7D Field Monitor

I just purchased a field monitor, Feelworld FW568, and cannot get it to work with both of my 5Dii’s or both of my 7D’s. The monitor works with my nintendo switch connected to it and the camera’s work plugged into a TV, so cable/monitor/cameras work, ...

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