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Microphone Power issues R50 and R10 and Rode Videomic Go II


Hi all,

I purchased an R50 and eventually swapped it for an R10 while trying to troubleshoot microphone audio input issues. The microphone I was testing was the Rode Videomic Go II. After a visit to the Canon experience center and testing several cameras, no solution was found to the awful audio quality. 

After some more experimenting at home, the issue seems to be that the Canon R50 and R10 do not provide power via either the USB-C or the TRS microphone port. The power light on the microphone only comes on if I provide external/phantom power via USB-C, at which point the Microphone input level and audio quality are excellent. 

The only solution seems to be to buy a battery-powered microphone.

If anybody else has come across this issue or has a solution I would love to hear it 🙂 



Rising Star
Rising Star

Rode VideoMic GO II - Pro Tips for Best Results ( is explaining what you are observing.

I have always had powered mics (Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro - 9V powered & Rode Wireless GO II - internal battery).  I'm always hesitate to buy mics that doesn't have some sort of internal power.


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