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Canon EOS 550D - Polaroid RC-6 remote control / issues


Hy All!

I just recently bought an RC-6 remote control for my Canon EOS 550D camera, but it simply doesn't work. What I already tried:

- followed the instructions based on the manual (official manual, page 204)
- switched the camera to auto mode
- set the self-timer to remote mode
- cleaned IR sensor on the camera
- switched the modes on remote control

When I press the button on the remote, camera doesn't focus, doesn't take a photo, doesn't do anything (I tried of course in front of the camera, pointed to the IR sensor). Quick info, remote control is not an original one, it's a Polariod, but it shouldn't be a problem.

If it won't work, what is your opinion about any 2.4Ghz remotes? 2 devices, sender and receiver, receiver has cable connection to the camera, the sender is the remote. It has many other option on the remote, not just 1 button for the photoshooting, it seems more complex and more useful than RC-6. I bought this one, because I was pretty sure that it will work, as infra connection is not a rocket science, but I was wrong..

Many thanks in advance!




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Did you change the battery in the remote?

And this is confusing: " remote control is not an original one, it's a Polariod, but it shouldn't be a problem."


No, I didn't, I'll try, but I don't think that this is the problem. It's clearly visible, that the small led on the remote is flashing when I press the button.
I mean it's not a Canon RC-6, but a Polariod RC-6. Same product, but it's perfectly compatible with 550D according the manual.

Changed the battery in the remote, issue still persists.

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