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The RC-IP100 PTZ Camera controller firmware is a disaster and needs to be fixed


I bought the controller 2 weeks ago and have be steadily useing it and I've gotten very comfortable with the firmware. However it's awful to the point I can't believe Canon would actually sell the product and tarnish their brand. It's so bad I think a 300$ random brand controller would be better. I would return it, however my box is long gone as I never expected canon to keep a product in such a miserable state for so long! If even a quarter of these issues would be resolved it would be a usable product. I have taken the time to carefully explain each issue the best I can to convey it through text and if something isn't clear I would be happy to explain further.

Here is the list in order of importance with the first 5 issues being non negotiable need to fix issues.

1. The speed curve for the pan/tilt operation seems to be about 8 linear segments forming a rudimentary curve, causing abrupt speed changes

2. In addition to that issue When you increase the pan tilt speed it raises the whole line on the graph instead of making the line steeper

(a perobolic curve with a knee adjustment in place of a speed adjustment would fix this)

3. No aperture priority mode

4. The last 20% of Joystick movement is completely unutilized

5. Function setting, image, color adjustments and camera control settings (iso, shutter, focus, white balance) are all saved under the presents, instead of being saved separately as a camera startup state which causes the user the need to delete and resave every preset and trace with the adjustments made

6. As indicated in the previous issue Trace mode saves all settings instead of just saving Pan tilt, and zoom path

7. Camera numbers and preset numbers sections look too similar/are the same color, and are easy to mix up during live performances

8. You can't leave trace page while a trace is in progress (even to adjust simple camera settings

9. Adjusting the focus stops any trace as the trace saves every setting and gets confused when the user tries make image adjustments

10. Func>PT acceleration(small,medium,big)  introduces extra stutter to movement and has no smoothing and you get drastic speed changes

11. No exposure compensator, however there's an odd metering mode that acts similarly(but lacks fine adjustments)

12. The trace Func lacks a reverse option (which would be very handy)

13. F4 has a push button that seems to be forgotten about and only has one assignable function (however then it's stuck to focus and it needs to be on speed with the way the firmware is setup)

14. No pan tilt smoothing algorithm function

I am annoyed to the point that I will flood the forums with these issues until it is addressed. Either that or give me access to the firmware so I can fix it myself.

I am useing this controller alongside 4 canon cr-n300 cameras wired in parallel to a network switcher with the controller wired to the same switcher



You need to contact support to go over these issues. They're at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666).

If you're not in the United States, you need to contact support in your country by visiting HTTP:// 

Spamming these forums can and will get you banned. 

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