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Playback on HDMI TV of Video Created by CANON Camcorder

Hello All: I have a Canon Vixia HFM31 Digital Camcorder.  It seems to create files in .MTS container file format. I also have a TV with HDMI input.  Is there a Streaming Media Device (ROKU, Slingblade, AppleTV etc) that I can use to play my video cli...

bandegee by Apprentice
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Canon FS21 Camera mode Joystick

Hello. I have this strange thing in camera mode joystick, func, video snap, disp.batt buttons not working. is like they are locked. But then i press play mode(playlist) all buttons working ok, So why?Tried reset but no luck

gfunas by Apprentice
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M series discontinued ?

I dont see any M series camcorders on the current line up on the Canon (usa) website. So are those discontinued ? They are available at many online retailers but is that the last of the M series ? 

pfm by Apprentice
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Capture live vid from HDMI camera into my imac...How?

Hello,I have a CAnnon HV20 with an HDMI output. I am wanting to capture live video into my imac. How do I hook the camera to the computer?-Can I use just a regular HDMI cable with a thunderbolt adapter?-Do I need an expensive video conversion box of ...

Audio input on HF R42

Hi folks, I recently filmed an interview and some footage to use in a brief newsy-documentary I did for my work. I had a great deal of difficulty with the audio from the camcorder - I used a mic (XLR to 1/8 and plugged into the audio-in jack) and, af...

Overexposed image in lcd vew

Hi, i was testing my new hf r40 most of the time my prevew on the lcd looks very whiteish or overexposed, when i check the recorder video on my tv looks awesome but in cam monitor looks very bad, i just cant do adjustmen on whitw balance or exposure ...

DaxFX by Apprentice
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expand pixela android device support please

The Pixela Camera Access app in Play Store supports only one, that's right one, Android device: the Motorola DroidX.  Given the numer of Android devices in the market I was shocked to learn this after I already bought my camcorder. What is the releas...

can't playback video

on my G-20 when I push playback it says "select memory for connection-when I choose internal mwmory, I get a flashing USB icon that won't stop until I shutdown! anyone had this problem? thanks much

Camcorder for School Use

I am looking for a camcorder to record elementary musicals, middle school band concerts, and high drama performances.  I believe we would benefit from XLR inputs from our soundboard.  We would like to spend around 1200.00.  The XA10 may have more fea...

Relay recording?

Pg. 40 and 41 of the HF M500 camcorder Instruction Manual give instructions for finding the "Relay Recording" selection on the camcorder menu system.  However, it can't be found on the camcorder menu.  Is the manual incorrect, or is the camcorder men...

geonolta by Apprentice
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