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expand pixela android device support please

The Pixela Camera Access app in Play Store supports only one, that's right one, Android device: the Motorola DroidX.  Given the numer of Android devices in the market I was shocked to learn this after I already bought my camcorder. What is the releas...

can't playback video

on my G-20 when I push playback it says "select memory for connection-when I choose internal mwmory, I get a flashing USB icon that won't stop until I shutdown! anyone had this problem? thanks much

Camcorder for School Use

I am looking for a camcorder to record elementary musicals, middle school band concerts, and high drama performances.  I believe we would benefit from XLR inputs from our soundboard.  We would like to spend around 1200.00.  The XA10 may have more fea...

Relay recording?

Pg. 40 and 41 of the HF M500 camcorder Instruction Manual give instructions for finding the "Relay Recording" selection on the camcorder menu system.  However, it can't be found on the camcorder menu.  Is the manual incorrect, or is the camcorder men...

geonolta by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! XHA1s

In card mode, my  XHA1S shows images perfectly but in tape mode, only color bars appear.

mipana48 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon Vixia HFG10

Hello everyone, I had recently transfered my video files over to my Scandisk memory card in slot B in my camcorder.  When I went to download the video footage off of the memory card it only shows up with photos available and no video?  The kicker is ...

Delay on start-up: reading the memory card

Vixia M40 On start-up, there is a delay before it can record video.  If I press the record button, it will pop up "reading the memory card".  This is quite annoying as it leads to missing opportunities.  I used to have a HF200 which does not have thi...

cheerful by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Canon DC 201

I have a Canon DC 201 camcorder and I bought a Sony DVD-RW to record movies but it doesnt seem to work does anyone know if its compaible with this camcorder.Im not sure if its the camcorder or  the dvd thats the problemThanks Alex

zx by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Shotgun Microphone Does Not Fit in Canon XA20 Handle

Hi, I just purchased a Canon XA20 and with it I purchased a Rode Shotgun mic. Problem is the diameter of the microphone is too narrow to be firmly attached into the micrphone holder on the handle. Any suggestions? Thanks!

ptmccain by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Recording automatically broken into 3 parts

Hi!  I'm new to the forum and just used my HF R42 for the first time on Monday.  I used the default jpeg settings and the picture quality is outstanding!  I used it to make a training video, which lasted approx. 1h18m.  The problem I ran into is this...

bargie by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Canon Video camera

I bought a Canon Video Camera and did not get a manual like I did when I bought my Canon SX200IS camera.  What is going on?????????

Clearing Int Mem on Vixia HF S 10

I have T fered Vids from Int Mem to SD card then deleted each session but when I go back to Int mem on play back , still shows they are there Wonder if formatting ? or similar , would clear the Internal Mem Thanks te

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