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Purple & Green Lines from Footage Taken on Canon XF300


Hey guys,


I am currently working on a project with a Canon XF300. I have taken all the footage that I need, but when I import the files onto my Mac I am getting purple and green lines over parts of the footage (see image). When playing the footage directly on a TV with a HDMI cable these do not appear, so I am assuming it has something to do with the format. I have converted the MXF files to various other formats, but the problem has not disappeared. I have tested the footage in various media playback suites and imported the converted files into FCPX, but the problem still persists. 


Does anyone know how to fix this problem as I really need to get this footage edited as there is quite a time constraint on it? I would really appreciate the help as I have been struggling with this for a number of days now. 






Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 01.15.43.png