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Vixia HF G40 with an HDMI to SDI converter

While there are Canon's with direct SDI out connection, how does an HDMI to SDI converter work with the Vixia HF G40 in the same way you would with an XA25 or XA35 for broadcasting events?

rhckm49 by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Need help streaming with HF R800

Could use some help with streaming with the HF R800 video camera. Not going too well so far.  I have an Elgato Cam Link 4K interfacing it with the laptop I am using with OBS Studio.  The external mic I use is the Blue Yeti.  Things went well before u...

XA11 PAL version

I am new to the board and also to videography. I am considering purchasing the XA11 to film regular dance performance videos my wife makes with her partners and students. We have been using an iphone or gopro and its just not working. But I am trying...

Canon HF R82

Sir I am from India. I have purchased Canon vixia HF R 82 Camcorder for teaching purpose . I am using White board for teaching. My problem is my background is becoming blur and my content becoming invisible.I have tried lot of setting. Please tell me...

Music causing vibratins on Vixia HF G60

I am operating a Vixia HF G60 camera for my church's live streaming. But, the music is causing some vibrations that show up on the video. The camera is on a tripod, that is sitting on a wood base, approx 4'x4' x 3' high. The operator stands on an adj...

cadcoke5 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

File numbering HF R800

I initalized an SD card and when I put it in the camera, the number that comes before the date does not reset. That is depite the number resetting on my G40 with the same SD card.

rhckm49 by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Old School GL2-Upload To Computer Via Camera?

Hi gang, I did this back in 2008 with my first GL2 (just picked up a new-old stock one) with a different operating system and machine. Not finding any software that will work with Windows 10, 64 bit.  Any ideas on how I can hook the camera up to an H...

FPS setting

Is there a setting for FPS for the  Canon Optura 50 camcorder? I have read through the user manual but could not find ifthere is such a setting? If there is no setting, what does the  camcorder record at, i.e. what FPS?Thanks

no1texan by Contributor
  • 1 replies

40 vs. 21

The Vixia HF G40 and G21 look as close to the same cameras just with a different number on the panel. The 21 has a slightly smaller LCD panel but besides that I don't see one difference between the two models. Are there any when it comes to something...

rhckm49 by Enthusiast
  • 10 replies


My manual says this camera has WIFI. But I can't find that setting in the camera. Help?

VIXIA HF R70 question

My VIXIA HF R70 camera won't let me record at 35mbps or at 1/2x speed and I can't figure out why not. Whenever I attempt to change the bitrate to 35mbps the option is greyed out. Same issue with changing recording speed to 1/2x speed. Any advice woul...

Canon G40 lens hood

I was wondering about where lens hoods for the G40 model can be found. Is it straight through Canon, I do have one but may like a second one to be safe.

rhckm49 by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Canon xa11 greyed out selections

Im trying to do a timelapse on the xa11  camcorder but no matter what i try the frame rate and slow and fast motion selection is greyed out ive looked at a youtube video  Gus Da Costa it looks so simple but the two options i need are greyed  out  i c...

Desmond1 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies
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