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Because Ventura doesn't play well with others, I'm asking this question. Has anyone installed this on their Mac with Mac OS Ventura without stability issues?
I received the email and updated my EOS R5. I read online, not Canon's website, that the IBIS high resolution shot only works for JPG and not RAW. Is this true? 
If I enable center weighted metering using the quick control, will that override evaluative metering when I press the AF back button? 
I was taking a few shots of items on my desk when, all of a sudden, I see Busy in the view finder. After a few more presses of the shutter I still see Busy. I'm like, "What happened?" I turned the unit off, waited a moment and turned it back on. Stil...
Canon has this item, AC Adapter AC-E6N, listed on its website with no information other than an overview. Is this compatible with the EOS R5? Thank you.
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