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EOS R5 Noisy Photos


Disappointed! Canon 5D mk IV to R5

I'm a professional photographer, and I'm finding the adjustment from the mk IV to the R5 really disappointing! 

The camera cost me a lot to upgrade to, and the quality just isn't adding up!

I am really struggling with noise levels whilst shooting at super low ISO's (100-250). I pull my images into lightroom, as this is the quickest software for me to run through my workflow, and the noise reminds me of shooting on some of the much older semi-pro DSLRs. 

Are we lacking support for this? I have read Adobe threads and watched videos, and I am definitely not the only one concerned. Is this something they will fix? Or should I be selling this body and heading back to the good-old DSLR's for better high-end quality? 





"Would you be convinced if I made two images in a more controlled setting to demonstrate the changes that the camera makes to the raw file?"



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!



It would be very helpful if you could provide some RAW images for us to evaluate.  

I assure you the R5 is pure magic.

24mm, f6.3, 1/320, ISO 10024mm, f6.3, 1/320, ISO 100

Bay Area - CA

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Hey Guys, @rick @peter, everyone who has been so kind and so helpful, I am super appreciative, truly.


The responses have been overwhelming, and I’m definitely not opposed to any help! 

I will share my raw examples when I have a moment to, and you can see what I mean. 

I have tested and played with both C-Raw and Raw files. I don’t shoot in jpeg so I apply zero enhancement filters (like image noise reduction etc) to my images,

I use a Canon RF adapter (the one being sold alongside this body) and my concerns relate to the following:


Grain/and or noise when shooting at the lowest ISO’s & error 1 messages when shooting with a Canon 24-70mm Mk II f/2.8.

My fear is that the body is faulty, since so many of you confirm that you don’t struggle with this, or that I am unable to actually shoot with a converter and my old lenses. I have hired a RF lens for the week to test out the above, and will report back with images. 

I have been shooting with Canon for over 12 years, and what I am concerned about is not for a lack of trying or being open to the shift in workflow, I did a thorough amount of research before buying the camera and was excited for the shift, 

but I just don’t know what to do. 

Having exactly the same issues as you are... coming from a 5dm4 to a new R5C and the noise levels are vastly excessive for a camera that is supposed to excel in all areas!  Vastly disappointed with the new camera as a whole!  Not sure whether to send the camera back for warranty or simply put it in the cupboard and start using the M4 again.  

Share a raw sample from R5 c and 5D IV then. Same settings.

Is this still a problem for you? And if not, how have you solved it?

I have the same issue and I have had Canon look at it, but the problem remains. I'm so frustrated! I've had my camera for 2,5 years and my Mk3 was so much better...


Since you are a Pro are you a member of CPS?  You can send the R5 in for a C&C if for nothing more than to satisfy your mind.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


My R5 is awful. ISO 400, f/11, shutter 1/16 second - a lot of noise. I love night shots, but not with this camera.

Start a new thread and share some raw samples. If you have an older camera, try to take raw files with both models with same settings and scene.


Here are som examples in RAW and close ups where you can see my settings. All of my pictures look like this, regardless of which lens I use. It's very frustrating and each time I shoot for a client, I hope they don't look too closely at the pictures...