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EOS R5 Firmware v1.8.1 IBIS High Resolution Shot


I received the email and updated my EOS R5. I read online, not Canon's website, that the IBIS high resolution shot only works for JPG and not RAW. Is this true? 



It appears to me that the manual has a mistake and that IBIS high resolution remains enabled when the power is turned off and back on, but I have tried it only once.

  1. Take the picture.

    • When you press the shutter button completely, nine images are captured continuously and combined into a single image that is recorded to the card.


  • The composite image is JPEG L quality.
  • Flash photography is not available.
  • IS mode is disabled.
  • IS mode is also disabled for IS-equipped lenses, even with IS set to ON.
  • IBIS high-resolution shooting is not available for the following lenses.
    • EF-S lenses
    • RF-S lenses
    • RF5.2mm F2.8 L DUAL FISHEYE
  • For best results, shoot subjects that are not moving. Subjects in motion or camera vibration blur may cause mesh-like artifacts in some image areas.
  • Subject edges or other details may look unnatural if camera vibration blur occurs as you shoot (caused by vibration where the camera is set up, for example).
  • Use a sturdy tripod that can bear the weight of the shooting equipment. Mount the camera securely on the tripod.
  • Using the self-timer (), a remote switch (sold separately, ), or wireless remote control (sold separately, ) is recommended.
  • Bands of light may be displayed and captured images may be affected by light and dark banding if you shoot under flickering light sources. In this case, consider shooting at a slower shutter speed.
  • It takes some time to record to the card, because images are merged after shooting. [BUSY] appears on the screen as images are processed, and shooting is not possible until processing is finished.
  • It takes some time to display images that were captured using this feature. It may be more convenient to review the images on a computer.


  • Details such as shutter speed, aperture value, and ISO speed are determined by conditions for the first shot.
  • [IBIS High resolution shot] reverts to [Disable] when the power switch is set to OFF



The above is very helpful.  I don't have ibis and have been looking for more info on the feature.  I knew output was JPEG.  I should have looked for an updated manual.  Thanks for posting this.  

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More information and apparent manual errors.

More general information: 

My wish list is for Canon to save the nine raw images as CR3 files and update DPP to include the algorithm for combining them. Next, adjust the sensor movement so that an IBIS high res image might be made with image stabilization, or at least with the optical stabilization of the lens. Some other camera manufacturers seem to provide programs for combining the images later on a computer and are able to make the feature usable hand held.

IBIS high res mode appears to work in 1.6x crop mode, but I do not see that in the manual. IBIS high res mode is disabled when DPRAW is enabled, but I do not notice that in the manual.

I am guessing that it might work especially well for photographing small objects in a light box where nothing is moving and the scene lighting is completely controlled.

I can see the IBIS high res mode helpful when photographing a distant small perched bird in 1.6x crop mode if I were carrying a tripod.


Maybe Canon was limited by the hardware on the EOS R5. I'm hoping this is resolved with the R1.

After removing the battery and replacing it, the menu item behaves as documented and IBIS high resolution is turned off when the power switch is cycled.

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