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Question: In Lightroom, I no longer see the Canon paper profiles for 10 and 100.  The profiles for 300 are there.  But the profiles for Canon paper for the 10 and 100 are gone.  Any ideas.  Thanks for your consideration. Big Sur. 11.7.2Lightroom 12.1
Canon pro pixma 100.   printing from Lightroom 11.6.  Mac OS 11.6.1.  Print Studio Pro 2.2.5.  Blue colors are light, soft, not vibrant like on display.   All other colors are right on.  I use Print Studio Pro but there is no place to set margins.   ...
1. Is there a way to overide the operation panel in terms of choosing paper.   I want to choose my paper from the printer dialog  by clicking on "printer" inside Lightroom.  I don't want the operation panel choosing.  2. Within the printer dialog box...
How thick of paper can the Pro 10 Print in GSW?  I have paper that is 300 GSW.   Can I use the Manual tray and print without damaging the printer?
I print from Photos.I use a Pro 100I set the paper size as US LetterWhich is correct. I want to print a  5x 7 image on the US Letter paperWhen it prints the image is not centered.The image is offset. I would like the image to be centered on the page
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