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1. Is there a way to overide the operation panel in terms of choosing paper.   I want to choose my paper from the printer dialog  by clicking on "printer" inside Lightroom.  I don't want the operation panel choosing.  2. Within the printer dialog box...
How thick of paper can the Pro 10 Print in GSW?  I have paper that is 300 GSW.   Can I use the Manual tray and print without damaging the printer?
I print from Photos.I use a Pro 100I set the paper size as US LetterWhich is correct. I want to print a  5x 7 image on the US Letter paperWhen it prints the image is not centered.The image is offset. I would like the image to be centered on the page
Using the Pro 10 on a Mac.  In the print dialog box there is a choice to scale to fit paper size.  When If ever would I check this?   Or, when would I not check this? I am using Lightroom which also has a zoom to fill option in its print module. 
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