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Hello, i have a problem, i hace an R5 and a EL-1 and always use the ETTL II but yesterday i didnt use the camera and the flash and today the flash shoot the flash w the trigger and comunicate fine w the camera and on all the other modes shoot normal ...

Canon SPEEDLITE 600EX II-RT stuck in wireless mode?

Hi all, I got a SPEEDLITE 600EX II-RT.  Today, when I take it out.  (I have batteries already installed).  I notices my LCD screen have a ORANGE GLOW even my Flashlight is "OFF".  I turned it on, and it looked like it stuck in Wireless mode.  I try t...

Question about the 600EX-RT - Optical slave mode

Hello.  I'm a long time Canon user and I'm pretty familiar with the gear, but my 600EX has got me stumped.  No matter what I do (and I have read and viewed the YouTube videos and gone through the manual until my eyes blur), I cannot get the 600EX to ...

FhvnEd by Contributor
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430ex II output won’t adjust in manual mode

I have 2 430ex II flashes.  I’ve used them for years with out issues.  One of them will not not adjust the output in manual mode. It stays at full power.  When I compare the two flashes to each other.  The only noticeable difference is on the one not...

430 ex ii as external flash

After some research, I saw that the m50 works with the 430 ex ii flash but can it work wirelessly without a flash trigger? Going to purchase it tomorrow off Facebook so I can use it as an external flash. If the wireless function doesn't work with the...

Resolved! EOS Elan 7NE and Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

Hi folks...I've searched the forums and not been able to find any info on this topic.  I'm just getting back into film photography after a long hiatus.  I have an EOS Elan 7NE and I need to get a new flash for it.  I was considering the Speedlite 430...

scoraber by Apprentice
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Canon old flash on EOS 5D Mark IV compatibility

I am looking to use a older Canon flash on the 5d mark iv. The flash model is the 199a. I understand the voltage output of older flash’s can be incompatible with most new digital cameras. Most of the articles I have read on this subject has been info...

Speedlite 600ex ii-rx support

I realize they are not linked - the transmitter was turned off. Image left is when the flash is simply turned on... image right is when attached to the Magbox. I don't know what that symbol means.I’m having serious issues with my flashes. I have th...

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