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Speedlite EL-5 compatibility with EOS R5 & R6


I currently own 2 Canon R5 camera bodies. I would like to use the Canon EL-5 flash on the hot shoe. Is there an adapter available to allow the new style flash to mount on the old type of hot shoe. The EL-1 flash is out of my price range and is no longer available as an option.

What do users of the R5/R6 cameras supposed to use for on camera flash?








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Unfortunately there is no adapter that converts the EOS R5 or EOS R6 type hotshoe to the multifunction accessory shoe that is on the Speedlite EL-5. This does leave EOS R5 owners a bit in limbo with few options in the Canon lineup. You mat still find some Speedlite 430EX III-RT in photo stores but this has just been replaced by the EOS EL-10 which also has the multifunction shoe like the EL-5.


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Not the answer I was looking for.  So Canon is abandoning the users fo a 4 year old high end camera forcing us to go to another competitors brand. Not a good way to keep brand loyalty

Newer cameras EXCEPT EOS R100 support the digital hot shoe already. They are also backwards compatible with all older EX and 5 pin EL speedlites (EL-1 & EL-100). The EOS R50 is the ONLY camera that doesn't support the older 5 pin hot shoe. The AD-E1 adapter is required to use all older EX & 5 pin EL speedlites (EL-1 & EL-100). The EOS R5 is the only "older" camera remaining. It's rumored to be getting an upgrade soon. So this won't be a problem for much longer. Only the original EOS R, EOS RP, EOS R5, original EOS R6 & EOS R100 don't have the new shoe. But 2 of these cameras have been replaced already with a camera with the new shoe. Such as the EOS R6 Mark II EOS R8. The EOS R100 is not likely to be used with an external speedlite for the market it targets. The EOS RP & the original EOS R6  have been discontinued. The original EOS R maybe discontinued without a replacement or be replaced by an "EOS R9". You still have plenty of options when it comes to older EX speedlites and 5 pin EL series speedlites.


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If you are ok with a full featured enthusiast level flash, I suggest this:

I just bought one myself last month.  Great price.  It's perfect and works great with the R5.  

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