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imageFormula R50 Scanner -- CaptureOnTouch won't recognize scanner on second computer


I have a new R50 scanner which is connected to my Wifi network, and the CoT software is installed on a laptop running Windows 11. 

I have a second laptop, which is running Windows 10, which is also connected to the same Wifi network, and I want to scan from that laptop. But the scanner isn't seen, either in Windows Printers & Scanners, or in the CoT software. The drivers are installed on this laptop. While checking some settings, I saw a message advising to reinstall the drivers, which I did, but did not make any difference. I also connected the scanner directly to the Windows 10 laptop -- still doesn't see it.

This is basically the same configuration I have on my Canon Pro 10 Printer, and that printer shows up on both laptops, and I can print from either one.

Everything is still working fine on the Windows 11 laptop, both scanning from the CoT software, and push to scan from the scanner.

Any ideas?



Product Expert
Product Expert


We will have to recommend that you call our Enterprise & Desktop Solutions Divisions at 1-800-423-2366, Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST (excluding holidays).

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Hi taxlady1049,

This sounds like an issue with the Windows 10 PC since the scanner is not detected wirelessly or via direct cable connection.  Let's not focus on the direct connection (yet) since this will limit your ability to use the R50 with more than one device.

What IP address did your router assign the R50?

What IP did it assign the W11 PC, and the W10 PC?

You should be able to ping the R50 from both computers, or enter the R50's IP into a web browser and view its webserver.  If you can't, then something is likely blocking the communication.  Windows firewall or anti-virus software are possibilities.  

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