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CanoScan 9950F Windows 7 Drivers Needed


Hello, I use the 9950F flatbed scanner and I had to change out computers. The one that I will be using is a Windows7 OS and I have lost my install disc. I tried the downloads that Canon offers, but they did not work. I tried contacting Canon, but that did not work as the scanner is no longer supported. So I am hoping that someone out there in the Canon world has a disc that they are not using or that someone is able to make a copy for me so that I can use my scanner. Sadly at this time, I am unable to afford a new one, so this is pretty much my last act of desperation!! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Dwayne



If no one can help you with your request, VueScan by Hamrick Software has drivers for most Canon (and other) scanners.

I use their software with a Minolta scanner that was last support on Windows XP by the manufacturer.

John Hoffman
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The 9950F is 22 years old 

Windows 7 drivers are available for the 9950F here:

Canon Support for CanoScan 9950F | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

You said "they didn't work for you".  This might indicate a problem with your operating system.  Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7.  Like the printer, it too is end of life.  

 A fellow user @jrhoffman75 has provided an alternative.  VueScan.

If neither of this options work for you, it might be time to consider a replacement.  Canon has an upgrade program.

A specialist can be reached at 866-443-8002 Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm (ET), excluding holidays.  

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I agree that your problem may be Windows 7. I'm not a shill for Microsoft. You really need to get off 7. It is now way out of the mainstream supportwise in many ways.

I have a CanoScan 8800F that was not "supported" past Windows 8.1.  I was on Windows 10 when I acquired it. I tried the Win 8.1  driver and it worked perfectly. Now I am on Windows 11, and the 8.1 driver also works perfectly.