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CanoScan 9000F Scanned negatives produce backward images (didn't before)


I'm using a CanoScan 9000F with the Canon MP Navigator EX software that came with it. I've been scanning 35mm color negatives for a couple of years with no issues. A few weeks, my scans started coming out backwards. That is, I put the negative in the tray as before, with the lowest image number from each strip on the right (to the back once I put the tray in the scanner), and after scanning, the photos are backward. For example, all writing is reversed.

To get the photos to be right, I have to put the negative in the tray with the smallest number to the left. After scanning, I have to de-select all images and then re-select them (right to left from the first tray, then right to left from the second tray) to have the images stored in the actual order they were taken.

The software is set for "Film" with "Auto", "35mm Film" and "1200dpi" selected. I've also tried it explicitly choosing "Color Negative Film."

I am doing this on an old computer that's running Windows 7 (Ultimate, build 7601, Service Pack 1). (This machine isn't used for anything else.) I've rebooted the machine and the problem persists.

Anybody have any idea what could be going on here? It's definitely slowing down my process.




Even if you think that the way frame numbers and film name are imprinted by the film manufacturer changed (which I can't see ever happening), the difference between the emulsion and base sides has not. Unless you somehow loaded the film backwards (which I can't see as being possible), the image is going to be BACKWARD looking at the EMULSION side, and FRONTWARD (right-facing) looking at the BASE side.

So if you put your film strips base side down against the glass on the scanner, your scans HAVE to come out right-reading/frontwards. No two ways about it!

But with these rolls of film, when the scans come out the right way, the order is reversed from the order in which the photos were taken, which is weird. But I'm certain I'm right about the chronological order because in one case, there was a pile of wrapped gifts in one photo and another photo where one of the gifts was unwrapped.

So now, after scanning, I have to unselect all photos and reselect them in the opposite order to have them saved in the folder in chronological order. Just one more step that lengthens the process.

Anyway, thanks.



Oh, and thanks for trying.




Interesting topic.   I initially thought "mirroring" check box, but it seems you have discovered a difference with your negatives.  I thought the same, shiny on one side, emulsion on the other.  I've only scanned 1 negative in the past 25 years so I have no recent experience with this.  The fact however that you are deselecting, then reselecting the scans would point to a software setting.  Or, as you indicated, the images that went from left to right (in earlier sets) are now going right to left (ascending to descending).  All of mine go one way, but I don't have the number of negatives you do.  

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Do you mean to say this has been all about the ORDER of the scans, and not that the images are backwards?

No, it's been about the combination of the two. When I flip the negatives over so that the scans are frontwards, the order of the scans is reversed (which makes sense and which I said in my very first message). Originally, I thought it was a hardware or software issue and that figuring out what had changed would fix it. As I worked through this with your help, I came to see that it's an issue with the film and I'm probably stuck with it. I'm still baffled that this seems to be a problem unknown to the folks here, but I will ask my wider circle and hope someone is into film photography. (I had an uncle who was, but he's long gone.)

Again, thanks all for the help. I'll take it from here.