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Can't use my CanoScan 9950F with 64-bit Win11


I've been using my Canoscan 9950F for a long time to digitize my dad's negatives, slides, and prints, as well as some of my own. I've kept Photoshop Elements 8 on my computer because it has always recognized the scanner's TWAIN driver, whereas newer versions of Elements do not.

I recently starting using a different computer running Windows 11. Photoshop didn't show me the TWAIN option, so I used my Canon disk to install the TWAIN driver. However, I got a message saying the driver is not compatible with 64-bit operating systems. I remember getting this message with my previous computer, and at the time I just ignored it. That was successful, but this time ignoring the message didn't help. Elements 8 is not recognizing the scanner as far as I can tell. 

Does someone have a solution for me? Thanks!



Hey, Try installing the CanoScan Toolbox v4.9 run as windows 7 64 bit, that helped me, just found the fix today. it is scanning pdf files perfectly. Haven't tested images at this point. atb jan


Considering this scanner is 18 yrs old, I'd try VueScan.  www hamrick dot com

This software is modern and free to test and try.  The 9950F is fully supported according to the site.

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