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I am new to photography and I would like to clarify something...I have taken a few pictures and at normal size these pictures look good. But one of my wife's co-workers to her that the quality of the picture can only be known when the picture is zoom...

Will the XA-20 remember the Manual Focus Setting?

My question is "Will the XA-20 keep the Manual Focus setting if you turn the camera off and then back on?" This is the first time I will be using my new XA-20 to capture a Performing Arts Show. I will set the focus before the curtains are closed with...

pt92mach by Apprentice
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C100 with Blackmagic Battery Converter HDMI to SDI

The Blackmagic box will not recognize the HDMI signal out of my Canon C100. It will recognize the signal out of both a Sony handicam and the output of a Dell laptop computer. We tested an AJA HDMI to SDI converter with the Canon C100 and it worked fi...

Canon EOS C100 Dual Pixel CMOS AF Problem with stm

I just upgrade my C100 firmware "DUAL PIXEL CMOS AF UPGRADE" from canon service centre, and the focus speed really fast, but somtimes it take Several times to found the focus point.(re-focus)  with my stm lens. it work fine using firmware

1DC 1.3.5 firmware upgrade...worth the hassle?

After recntly sending my 1Dc in for the 1.3.4 upgrade, only to find out the line in audio feature was broken, I am reluctant to go thru the process again for the 1.3.5 upgrade. Right now I simply use manual audio setting and a -25 dB attenuator cable...

eco_bach by Contributor
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1DC thoughts + feature requests

Hello, It has been just under a year now that I acquired the 1DC and have actually totally, completely fallen in love. Although my short little fashion run-n-gun films show my poor DP abilities, this camera is an absolute dream for a imager suchas my...

Canon 6D External microphone hiss

When I attached a Sennheiser MKE400 external Shotgun Microphone designed for noise reduction and DSLR video use, I get a lot of hiss both in Manual and Auto Audio settings on the camera. I plug the smae microphone in to my Zoom H4N external recorder ...

C100 Firmware Issue

I just recently updated the firmware on my C100 and I was under the impression it was successful as all the correct dialogue boxes came up and the camera is functioning properly. I'm not sure if I misunderstood or am confused but only about half of t...

Display screen

Is there any way to see what the aperature and shutter speed is when shooting videos.  I hate shooting in the dark, and would like to see these settings on the screen in real time.

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