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Audio issue with XF300



I've recently purchased a Canon XF300 and I can't seem to get stereo to record to my flashcard. I believe I have the settings and switches correct. I'm testing using a music player and going line in through the XLR inputs. I can hear the stereo separation in the headphones. The audio in selection above those connecters is set on EXT. (exterior) The line/mic selector on the front is set to line for both CH1 and CH2. In the menu I have Audio Input - XLR Rec Channel set to CH1. (thats where I hear stereo through the headphones), if I toggle to the only other choice (CH1/CH2) it changes the audio through the headphones to mono. I have Audio Output - Channel set to CH1/CH2. (again this is the only choice I hear stereo through the headphones) The other 3 choices - (CH1/CH1, CH2/CH2, or All/All) send mono signal to the headphones. I believe I've tried both Normal and Line Out for the Monitor Delay section with the same (mono) results. What am I missing here? Why won't the audio setup I hear in  the headphones record to the flashcard this way? I appreciate any help. Thanks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi deadboog,

Thanks for checking in with us.

If you're hearing the channel separation in the headphones, then that should also be recorded on the file. Perhaps it's just a matter of how your video editing program is interpreting the footage. Most of them allow you to adjust how the channels are interpreted.

As a test, it might be worth doing a test recording from a different stereo input, instead of LINE IN. How does your NLE interpret that?

I work in an older Premiere Pro CS5.5 format. The MXF file wrapper produced from the Canon camera, while it does work on the timeline, it's a bit wonky where as it takes the audio and drops it in as 2 separate audio tracks in the higher audio track numbers that are available. (I believe tracks 7 and 8 are used) My other cameras are JVC brand and those formats are more friendly and will drop in on the first audio line and in a 2 channel (stereo) single track. The Canon 2 tracks are both the same mono however. All that aside, I don't even need to drop it in to Premiere to hear the recording. I can just pop the flashcard into a slot reader built into the computer and open one of the files with a VLC player and I can listen to the audio through headphones from that and I can hear right away that these are not being recorded in stereo. I can try to record using the microphone inputs and switch the settings from line in to mic in but I fear its not going to make a difference. To me, as soon as you said that if the headphones hear stereo than so should the recording which I agree. Unless its something really dumb I'm overlooking here, I have a feeling its broken? I will setup the camera on Wednesday again and give it some more trys and I'll let you know. Thanks for your response.