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XA55 impossible firmware update


I opened two times a ticket and after a week received no reply whatever, even no automatic email confirmation. It seems the ticket system is bugged because at least the automatic email confirmation should work.

So let's try here.

There is a new (the only one) firmware update ( for this camcorder, so I initialized the SD card and copied the file VPB1.FIM to the root folder of the card, placed the card into the B slot, according to firmware tutorial, restarted the camcorder went to System Setup/4/firmware, but it is shadowed, so the update cannot be activated. It is only possible to read the shadowed text that reminds that present firmware is, that is the old one.

Any help?




When you say it's "shadowed" I believe that is meant to mean disabled.  Sometimes you have first use select buttons to move onto that item before the OK or other button would get enabled.

Other things to check... does the unit have enough power? Some electronics will refuse to perform such updates if the unit isn't plugged in to an outlet and only has less than 50% of the battery's charge.


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