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Cannot Update Remote Controller RC-IP100

I'm following the firmware upgrade steps, but every time I just get this screen with NO upgrade.I load the bin file to to the root folder of the USB disk.I put it in the controller.I turn the unit off.I hold down the USER 1 and USER 2 buttons.I turn ...

canon rc-ip100.jpg

HELP! R5C LCD & View Finder Black!?

I have a R5C I got from B&H, right out of the box video mode worked fine with the LCD working and touch screen working. Then when switching to Photo Mode the LCD screen was black, right out of the gate.Even the view finder on Photo Mode was black as ...

XA-50 Image Stabilization Issues

Hello all, Long time Canon User.  I have a fleet of XA-10's (10 of them total), have used multiple SLR's (currently using the R6... awesome) and I recently purchased a couple Canon XA-50's. Overall, I love the XA-50 and it's features.  The abilty to ...

Resolved! EOS R5 C - Enabling Browser Remote / Network Help

Hello all.New to the forum. I am excited to own the R5C but discovering a few frustrating quirks along the way, such as the WFT-r10b wireless transmitter requirement to allow the use of browser remote in video mode. Have any fellow R5C owners discove...

aburno by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

C70 Machine Sounds In Audio

Hi im using a c70 and Senheisser mke 600. I used to get crisp clean audio. But after reviewing footage this week, my audio has machine like sounds through it all. I’m running the built in mic in a separate channel too as back up. I imported in premie...

Resolved! Which wide open lens with EOS C70?

Hello everybody,A question here about Canon C70.I have RF lenses, such as 24-105, 16mm, 35mm, and 70-200. I have only 2 EF lenses: 24 - 105 and 24mm, 50 mm.I need wide-open lenses. So, which best choices do you recommend on a modest, budget?Thanks!

how to get rid of solid white box XA40

how do I get rid of solid white box on the screen on my Canon XA40/ This is not the focus box, it is small solid white square dead center almost at the very top of the screen. I have everything else turned off on the screen. It transmits this box to ...

perucog by Apprentice
  • 18 replies

Canon C70 Blurry Wide Shots

Hey everyone!I've been having some difficulty getting crisp, sharp wide shots with my Canon C70 and was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I am nailing focus as best as I can, but when I get home and start working with the footage, it loo...

C100 Mark ii HDMI output only 480 - can't get 1080

I am trying to connect a Elvid FieldVision 10.1" monitor via HDMI for a small director's monitor and no matter what I do, I am only able to get a 480 signal from the HDMI output.  I can get 1080 when the monitor is hooked up to my 5D mark iv and I ha...

MV0925 by Apprentice
  • 9 replies
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