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Resolved! C70 screen goes black when flipped around

Hi,I borrowed a friend's C70 and the display turns black after its been flipped and I press it make it flush with the back of the camera. The monitor works while flipped, it turns black when pressed inward. I have a C70 and this hasn't happened to me...

XF405 - sharpness issue

My camera is XF405. I an not sure but my picture looks maybe not quite as sharp as it should be? I looked at the sharpness adjustment in Function>Looks and tried all settings from 0 to 7 and recorded video with them. Two puzzles:  1) all the sharpnes...

nilly by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Canon XL vs VL Mount

Is there a difference between the XL mount of camcorders like the XL1, and the VL mount of camcorders like the L1 & L2? I know the XL1 has a smaller sensor but only by 1/6", but does anybody know if the mount is physically incompatible, or electrical...

Canon XA60 - No Image quality

Hey guys!I recently bought an XA60 and realized that it works very poorly in low light. Not only that, it works poorly in sufficient light as well.Image with a lot of noise, no information in the black areas. There simply isn't information on a hair,...

iSAQUE by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

XF605 PTZ and Wi-Fi Issues

We just purchased 3x XF605 cameras, 3x CN-500 PTZ cameras, and 1x RC-IP100 remote, and we love them (great products)!We are having three issues with the XF605 cameras that seem to be abnormal and are definitely a pain on our end as we operate them.1)...

Media by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Lock Exposure XF405

XF405.  I don't want Manual Exposure, I need to be able to let the camera adjust itself, then LOCK all of the exposure functions: aperture, shutter speed and gain, while leaving Auto Focus operating. So if a bright object enters the frame the picture...

nilly by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! XF605 Dual SD card recording question

Hi all,have been using the XF605 for a year (prior I had a Sony Z150, prior to that I used a C100) - anyway, I use dual slot recording all the time, but I wondered if there's a way to keep recording if one slot fills? The Sony method is to keep the o...

Resolved! XF100 Can't Film In Color

Hopefully someone can help me here - I can't film in color. I recently bought a used XF100. The LCD Screen is in B&W and when I record so is the video. I have tried doing a factory Reset of all settings and camera settings but so far that has not wor...

Lembeck by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Heavy artifacts in Canon XA10 video

It's probably been a while since there's been a post regarding the XA10, since I'm sure it's several years obsolete- but it's a great camera until it's not. I use this camera in studio for interviews in my small business. I may shoot 20-25 interviews...

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