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Canon XA50 Focusing issues


Hello All, I just bought a Canon XA50 camcorder.  For the most part, it has been great.  But the transition from Sony to Canon has had a few snags.  The biggest problem I'm experiencing is problems with KEEPING THE VIDEO FOCUSED when I ZOOM in or out.  I have tried many things to fix this, but I have yet to be successful.  This is really bothersome-- since I take a lot of video for formal events like weddings and Quinceañeras.  Other than completely refraining from zooming at all, I have not found a solutionI have the XA50 set on "P" (Program) and have tried both using Face Detection and turning off Face Detection with various frame size settings (Large, Small, Auto).  No matter what I have tried, the XA50 goes out of focus as I zoom in or out-- usually when I am in the latter part of zooming in or out on long zooms.  I am wondering if I am not setting the various focus/zoom settings correctly-- like "Digital Zoom", "AF Frame Size", "AF Speed", "AF Response", "Face Detection & Tracking", "Focus Guide", "Focus Preset Speed", and "Focus/Zoom Ring Operation".  I am not wanting to go with manual focus when I zoom-- because I EXPECT THE CAMCORDER to keep my video in sharp focus automatically.  I never had this problem with my old Sonx NX70 camcorder.  I am also wondering if maybe the problem is keeping my camcorder programmed to "P".  Would switching to "A" (Aperture) solve my issues?  Any help someone with more expertise and experience on this Focusing issue can provide me would be greatly appreciated.  I have completed three events with this camcorder and have had focusing issues all three events.  I hope someone can help me.  Thank You.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings elreyes1014,

The Canon XA50 may lose focus when using auto focus if the lens is zoomed in our out too quickly. The camera may also have a difficult time in keeping a subject in focus while zooming if the subject is changing positions across the frame, if there is poor contrast on the subject, the subject is poorly lit, and if obstacles may pass between the camera and the subject.

Changing the camera to Av may assist in keeping the subject in focus to where we would increase or f-stop. This would increase the amount of room or distance of what is in focus and may help reduce the notice of focus loss or the camera refocusing.

I have started experimenting with Av.  I tried setting the aperature to 8.0, 6.2, and 5.6.  It seems that 5.6 works better than 8.0 or 6.2.  But what can you tell me about the AF Speed vs AF Response menu settings.  Canon doesn't really do an adequate job in explaining how Fast, Normal, or Slow will affect the performance of autofocus. What can anyone tell me about those settings?