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how to disable color management of the pixma pro 100 under mac ios Sierra



I need help on how to disable color management of the pixma pro 100 for mac ios Sierra. I've been reading from this forum but have not found the answer yet.

If you know how, please walk me throug.

Thanks in advance,



That explanation got me to re-install the printer using the correct driver...  which was great..   but then I got the magenta cast.. 

I then tried various things from this forum.. following the idea of letting Lightroom / photoshop manage colour.. trying various profiles.. all with the magenta.


I tried assigning a colour profile in Photoshop that matched to see what would happen and it was ghastly (Using Canon-Pro 100s <GD> Other Glossy Paper).. I then tried adjusting the colour on screen until it looked kind of ok again like it should printed.. then did a test print and the magenta was still there. 


The only thing that seemed to return it to normal was actually going into Lightroom and Selecting : Colour Management > Managed by Printer.

It's still printing a fraction washed out but at least it looks vaguely normal. 


I really wish there was some straightforward way to set this up.. i've wasted hours on this and it's still not as good as it should be.. and I dont feel like I understand it any better.


[Using Mac OS (latest OS) / Canon PRO-100s / Kodak Premium photo paper 240gsm 4x6"]


Hi there,


Sorry to bother you as I know your post is almost two years old, but I'm having EXACTLY the same problem you were:  getting heavy magenta tint and incorrect colors when using paper profiles with Lightroom and my Canon Pro-100. If you have a moment to answer me, did you ever fix this issue? I'd love to be able to use my paper profiles but they come out with such terrible colors and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Thanks so much for any help.




Hi Karl. I will try and help.


1. If you go to System Preferences->Printers & Scanners do you have the Canon IJ Series version of your printer (or do you see AirPrint?)


Monosnap 2019-12-13 04-53-15.jpg


2. When you go to the Printer dialogue in Lightroom do you get this:


Print 2019-12-13 04-52-03.jpg


See that the options are greyed out (can't be selected) and ColorSync is automatically chosen? That turns off printer color management.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Yes - this is exactly what one sees when printing from Photoshop


But when printing from Lightroom or Indesign, these options are all selectable


So it seems that Adobe's apps are behaving differently with this driver?


(I am using driver



Correction - sorry


When choosing Lightroom to colour manage, the options become unselectable (ie disabled) which is as it should be


But when choosing "Let Indesign colour manage", the options remain selectable


So it's Indesign behaving differently to Photoshop / Lightroom


THAT was a super helpful point!! Thank you. I had 'AirPrint' not IJ series this whole time and was going mad trying to work out how to start getting my settings straight. 


Now I just need to work out how to colour manage sync Photoshop/Lightrooom with my Pixma Pro 100s - without spending hundreds on hardware monitor calibration.. close enough is good enough for me... BUT I do still get a slightly hazy desaturated print compared to the screen. 


EDIT: I spoke too soon. The first couple of prints seemed fine as above.. then I started to lose detail and highlights were blowing out on skin tones and people were getting a real oversaturated pink /orange glow.. I tried swapping between Printer Managed and Not - and nothing I did changed it. 

I tried playing with lots of settings (burning through appear and ink) and I can't work out what's going on. Why am I getting these weird effects? It's either lobster skin (using one preset - Platinum I think) to overcharged skin tones and detail loss using others).
I then tried to use ProPhoto RGB - just to see if screen presets got me anywhere - only to get a completely different problem! (like the film '300') a sort of low saturation, bronze look..

I could really use some guidance on this.. 😕


I used to just print straight from Apple Aperture and never had any problems (other than the very slight washed out look) which now I would happily get back.

Hi SpiceWeasel76..


1. see my response I just posted on the ICC Profile thread.


2. why are you selecting varios profiles - are you changing the paper type?


3. ProPhotoRGB is not a profile for printing.


4. What paper are you trying to print on?


5. Just for a problem check, print a Nozzle Check and see what the results are.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Hi John,


Thanks for responding so proptly, and for pitching in to help. 


  1. Yes, I had printed the test image out and it was pretty darn good (albeit on 4x6"), nothing seriously concering there when using the guide to evaluate. 
  2. I am trying different paper profile types because I am using Kodak 4x6" paper (which I got at a good price from the local office supplies chain store) and that's what I had been using prevously. As there are no ICC profiles for this I was trying to find which one was closest. 
  3. I realise that PhotoPro wasn't a printing profile but, having tried all those, I thought "let's see what a screen profile does, in case I get lucky and it kinda matches". Interesting, but no. 
  4. As above it's Kodak, specifically " Kodak Premium Photo Paper : Gloss 240 GSM, 4x6"
  5. Performed a nozzle check - just for the sake of thoroughness. 95% fine. LGY (I had just changed for a non canon cartridge) needed a clean (which then make GY worse) but otherwise no real issues. Nothing that would immediately correlate with my problem.
  6. I used to just print (using the AirPrint driver I now realise) from Apple Aperture, and I did over 100 prints and they were fine (not amazing, sure - but fine). I was forced to change to Adobe Lightroom and on top of all that (with my 87+ thousand pictures to reorganise) deal with this whole new world of ICC profiles I just can't seem to print a reasonable looking photo. 

I hope your wisdom with this stuff can be of help because (despite being a former Film camera professional - even back in the pre-digital  days - with higher than average computer literacy) this printer stuff is absolutely "doing my head in". 


I'm seriously starting to regret not just taking my prints to the local place to have them printed at 10c a pop instead spending AUD$685 on a printer and hundreds more on ink and paper just for this kind of hassle.. I'm not seeing the benefit right now!

I'm torn between selling the **bleep** thing vs my pride refusing to let me be beaten by a **bleep** printer. lol


Fingers crossed.




PS - (Apologies for spreading this over two threads, I got a bit confused with where I had gotten which piece of info etc). 😉


PPS - Is this a Christian forum because they bleep even the shortened version of damnation, which seems pretty heavily censorious to me!

Hi SW.


Some ithoughts:


1. Until you get good nozzle checks I think you will be chasing problems. It sounds like you are having problems in that area.


2. I use OEM inks, so I have no experience with third party inks, but I do follow a great resource on the web - a YouTube channel on printing operated by "jtoolman". He is a strong advocate for a particular brand of third party inks, but does stress the need for custom profiles.


3. You have several variables you are dealing with. Even with a well functioning printer and Canon inks you would need to hunt for a profile that was best for your paper. Even with Canon inks and Canon papers I have seen poor results when the incorrect Canon profile is selected.


4. Color management is automatically turned off when using Lightroom (or PS) on a Mac. You will see the color choices grayed out in the driver.


Print 2020-02-07 22-55-58.jpg


5. You said the test print is coming out OK. How does it compare with the on-screen image?


I do my own printing because I consider it finishing my images. I agree that for small prints and multiple copies for family/friends.





John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Hey John,


  1. Nozzle checks done and cleaning performed. That is resolved, but has no efect on my issue.
  2. I'm not convinced the inks have anything to do with it. I had this issue before and after chainging inks. Most of the inks are Canon original, and when it started they all were, then one not, now two.. No change to the problem so I think it's highly unlikely to be the bran dof ink.
  3. I cannot find a profile for my paper that is even remotely close - this is not a subtle thing we're dealing with here. A slightly tanned skin tone comes out looking like horrendous sunburn. It's very strong.
  4. I can make that option greyed out or not greyed out depending on whether I let printer manage colour or software.. I've tried various options, and haven't yet found anyhing satisfactory.
  5. The test print was pretty fine - matched the onscreen image pretty well. It was 4x6" not A4 but close inspecion revealed no issue.. to be honest though that was so many changed variables ago I can't recall anymore what settings I was running at that moment. 

It seems the variable is the profiles mainly.. the other things are much less important and dont account for the variation I'm seeing - certaily not to the degree I am seeing it.

I heard some suggestion somewhere that the magenta cast can potentially be from a profile applying twice? I'm not sure hwow that would happen of that is indeed the case.. but i'm fairly confident the issues I'm haivng can be laid at the feet of the colour profile presets.

I might go back to the AirPrint driver and see if I can get back to where I started. 

I'll let you know how that goes, but I am very open to any insight you may be able to offer, because it feels like it really shouldnt be this hard.


Thanks again



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