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Workflow & color management advice please

Hi all Using the Pixma Pro 100s.  Having issues with inaccurate colors and so need to ask a few questions rather than waste my entire fresh box of Hahnemuhle Baryta paper trying to work it out So far I have been printing from from Canon Print Studio ...

jiro by Contributor
  • 37 replies

Pro-200 Ink Backorder

I recentlly purchased a Pro-200 (upon recommendation of a Canon Pro Services rep) as a replacement for my non-functional Pro-100, which is no longer being manufactured. I'm very happy with the new printer to this point, but... I've had replacement in...

BPBear by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Pixma Pro 200 Cut Off, Fading, Smearing

I just bought my Canon Pixma Pro 200 two months ago. It has been working absolutely amazing for high quality glossy stickers. However, the past few times I have tried to print something very strange is happening. It cuts off in places, smears in plac...

AC92A3E2-17C1-4AE5-9FF7-942FCDFAC0CA.jpeg F7B27CB4-75F1-4E32-BC7B-71440E611D83.jpeg

canon 9500 mkII not printing

I have an 9500 which is not printing. if I send a file to the printer the queue shows the file but then quickly goes to idle and nothing prints. I've tried the shut down/restart loop, nothing. checked everything I can but the printer claims it's OK.

fuelsguy by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Pro-100 borderless problem

I bought 8x12 paper so I can compose in camera and not have to crop. I saved a custom 8x12. It's not letting me print borderless. There isnt an option and even when I drag the edges out there is still a border when printed. How can i fix this?Thanks ...

Resolved! Selecting paper type on a Pro-300

Hello, I have a Pro-300 and on the display is shows the paper type (Luster, Matte etc). My question is do I need to change this if I select the correct paper type in my software. In otherwords, does my software paper type settings override the printe...

nvw by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Canon Pro-1 Color Issues - Pattern Check

I haven't used my printer for a few months and recently the colors seemed very off. I've ran a pattern check a few times and thought everything was looking fine. but now i've noticed that the bars on the left are completely wrong. Does the printer re...

fiori by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Native print resolution Prograf Pro 1000

I've always read that the native print resolution of Canon printers is 300 dpi and have always set Adobe software to use that output value in printing with all of my Canon printers. However, I noticed that the specs for the prograf pro 1000 are 600 x...

dkoretz by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Resolved! imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Color Self-Calibration

I purchased an imagPROGRAF PRO-1000 printer 6 weeks ago.  My paper-of-choice is the Hahnemuhle Baryta FB paper.  The PRO-1000 is capable of performing a self-calibration using a variety of Canon papers.  And my understanding is that: 1. It's not capa...

Pro 10 jamming at end of print.

Good morning/afternoon/evening. My little used Pro 10 has started grabbing prints near the end of the process, causing the print to stop feeding, which requires a very gentle pull to get it to come out. It only seems to occur on prints 5x7 or larger ...


Pixma Pro 200 Cannot be Calibrated

I just got a brand new pixma pro 200 to print greeting cards and the colors are way off. I have not been able to successfully troubleshoot this. Can anyone tell me how to calibrate the printer.  It's frustrating that after spending $600 I cannot get ...

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