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Colors are off - please help!

I am relatively new with Photoshop. I have Photoshop CC 2018 and I have Windows 8.1 and my browser is Chrome. Previously, I purchased my ink from a "compatible" brand but just today threw everything out and changed all my cartridges to genuine Canon ...

AFamFace by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Kodak Metallic Paper ICC Profile Pro 1000

New Prograph 1000 came yesterday and still havent even unpacked. I have some Kodak Metallic paper. cannot find ICC profile for pro 1000 and this paper. Anyone know? Or if i cannot find a profile, could someone suggest optimal print settings? Video pr...

nsoltz by Contributor
  • 9 replies

Cannot connect Pro-100 to internet

I had the Pro-100 set up just fine, but then I upgraded my internet and have not been able to get it to reconnect. I'm running a Macbook Pro with Mojave 10.14.5 and have downloaded the updated drivers. I've tried running the install process to reconn...

Paper Opinions

Any opinions on Canson vs Hahnemuhle vs Redriver art papers? I realize each has many paper varities but just looking for general observations about each line

nsoltz by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Advanced Printer Settings

I am having trouble getting advanced options to show up for my Pro 100 printer. I had no problem at all with my MG7700, but can't change much of anything with this new printer. For example I will show what displays for my MG7700, and what I see with ...

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 9.47.40 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 9.47.58 PM.png

Can't print in B&W

HI all, I am having the hardest time trying to print a black and white image without it having a blue color tint. I have tried from Lightroom. Changed image to b&w. Chose the correct paper and profile and selected "print in b&w" in the dialog box. Ch...

wsg7562 by Contributor
  • 3 replies

Pro 10's turn off and fail to power on

I am on my second Pro 10- it was sent by product support to replace a pro 10 that turned off and failed to power on. The second Pro 10 has developed the same problem after several months of light use. Canon tech's recommended leaving the printer on. ...

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