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Pro-1000 suddenly shutdown - won't restart


My Pro-1000 is about 9 months old. Has not had heavy use - perhaps 50 prints total. Today I was set to make a number of prints for a show we have coming up. I attached my Windows 10 laptop via USB as I usually do. I turned the printer on and it started to boot. Then it shut down - or shut off.


I have changed power cable. Nothing. The unit is connected to a UPS along with our file server. The server is fine. I moved the power cord to a seperate plug on the UPS. No different. I let the unit site and then try to start ir. The Canon logo is visible on the LCD then the unit shuts down. There is a faint smell near the plug. 





More information:

  1. If I wait at least 10 minutes with the power cord removed it will start to boot.
  2. At one point I removed the print head. The printer did a self-check I assume and then told me the print head was missing
  3. I added the print head.
  4. Initially, the printer didn't seem to recognize the print head.
  5. Then I got a message to the effect that it was going to take 20 minutes to do a check of some kind.
  6. Almost immediately, the printer went down. No message. No suggestion it was shutting down. It just turned off.
  7. Most of the time, I can move the print head with power off.
  8. I have let it sit unplugged all nyght with the print head out.

Smells from electronic equipment are rarely good. I think a call to Canon is your next step.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

I spoke to a Canon tech on Monday. He declared it dead. He said they were going to ship one to me that night. That didn't happen. I am supposed to get one Monday. As to wht was wrong, he had no idea other than to say it was serious. That it was.


Almost identical except mine powers off mid-print (wasting lots of ink and paper), sometimes after printing and sometimes before printing starts. The only way to get it to restart is remove the power lead and wait 5 minutes. My printer is 4 years old and also used little (less than 50 prints). It looks brand new but is out of warranty.  I've reached out to Canon to see what my options are for a replacement or repair.