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Pro 1000 error message: "Cannot print. The paper widths do not match."

Occasional Contributor

I've set the paper size to A3+ in the page setup window of Lightroom, and set A3+ in the control panel of my Pro 1000. I click on "Print," the paper shoots out blank, and the error message above appears in the control panel window.   I've checked and rechecked, turned the printer off and on again, but no cigar.


Anybody have an idea what to do next?  Thanks.


Super Contributor

Hello Oldshooter1,


I understand when you are attempting to print 13x19 (A3+) paper you are receiving an error message, "The paper widths do not match," although the paper widths are set correctly. To troubleshoot this issue adjust and set the media settings on the printer to a different type and size, turn the printer off for approximately one minute. Turn the unit back on and adjust and set the media type and size back to what you are planning to print and print your planned image. 



Occasional Contributor

Hi, Caemene,


Thanks a million.  Bingo.  Printing happily away now.





New Contributor
Your advice worked perfectly the first time this happened but not now. The closest paper size on both Photoshop and the Canon pro-1000 printer is 14 x 17. I’ve already made fice prints on this paper so ai know it works! What now???

Hi elizamcnally,


What size and type of paper are you printing with?


What version of Windows is installed on your computer?

If you are using a Mac, what version of OSX is installed?







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