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MF3010: need scanning software / utility

Need scanner software for MF3010 printer, for Windows 10. I downloaded MF3010MFDriverV3901WPusEN.exe file (68 MB) but it only installs drivers and NO scanner utility. In "Start", "Canon" menu I see three links to "readme" files (MF Drivers Readme, Sc...

Paul1234 by Contributor
  • 11 replies

Why is our Mf267dw asking for a PIN?

We recently moved and are trying to set up our Mf267dw printer on the new wifi network. When I go into network settings, it is asking for a PIN, which I have no idea where to find that. Any help would be appreciated.  

KarenZ by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

ImageClass mf236n Scans But Won't Print

I have an ImageClass mf236n that was working fine up until 2 or 3 days ago (around 8/17/23).  It stopped scanning and printing completely, spitting out an error: "Cannot communicate with the device.  The cable may be disconnected, or the device may b...

Resolved! PIXMA MG3620 Reset/Change WiFi Connection

Hello Experts,I have a friend with a Pixma MG3620 that was set up by someone else a few years ago on a wireless network. My friend changed ISPs a few months ago and now has a new router, but his printer was never set up to connect to the new access p...

gtifeld by Contributor
  • 35 replies

basic software needed for PIXMA TS6220

I recently got a new Windows 11 laptop and have attached my TS6220 printer, which has been printing ok on this new laptop. Today I noticed it was not printing the right color. I can see that cyan is out by inquiring on the printer screen, however, th...

MF237w not connecting to iPhone

Hi everybody I had issue recently showing up only when try to print wireless by Apple I phone only the printer doesn’t connect to the mobile and always pop outfor windows and Samsung mobiles no issue  is any body can help

Resolved! Pixma MX 420 CD-ROM Needed

Hi, I am requesting if anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated. I am needing the CD ROM for the Pixma MX 420 printer.  I have to print out some reports for work and I can't because I need the updated printer information for Windows 11.  ...

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