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TS8300 "offline" on my PC, OK on wife's Mac


Pixma TS8300. I didn’t change anything, but now I get “printer offline” when I try to print. The screen on the printer shows that it is connected to the Wi-fi. My wife can print from her Mac. So the problem must be in my Windows 10 laptop. The printer screen on my laptop shows the printer as Offline. However, I can still scan documents from the printer to my laptop. 

I tried printing via the USB port. I created a new printer (TS8300 copy 1) that specified USB. But when I clicked on Print, I got the same “offline” message.


Product Expert
Product Expert


Please delete the printer driver  and any copy of the printer and then restart your computer. After the restart, click HERE and download/install the driver setup package and try to print again. 

If the printer is still not detected but you can print from another device, make sure there are no security settings on your computer that may have updated and block communication with the printer. 

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A couple of days before I read this response, I went to Settings>Printers, selected the TS8300, then Manage, and Print Test Page. Surprise, surprise. It printed a test page. It's still working. On the Printers screen however, beneath Canon TS8300 series, it says, "Removing device," which is what it has said ever since I was able to print again. Go figure.  

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