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MX490 connects on most. but not on all pc


my MX490 printer has always been able to connect and print from my home and my office pc via the wireless network.

my wifes MSI home pc will not.

today i reset my router and reconfigured the network and reconnected all devices of the house to the network.

connected my personal and work pc and could print.

but my wifes pc has really hard time finding printer and will not print.  comes back with error on printing.

i had to do the manual configure and enter the IP address fo printer to get it set up on her pc.  still no printing.

i have confirmed her laptop settings on net work are the same and both are windows 10,64


i run trouble shooting on her pc, it reports thatt hte printer cannot be contacted over the network.






Since you have reset your network, reinstalled things, and appear to understand the importance of IP based printing...


Did you:

Assign the printer a static IP address or reserve an IP on your router for it?


Can you ping the printer from her PC?


Does she have a 3rd party antivirus or firewall software installed that might keep her system from communicating with the printer?

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