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Hangs endlessly


I bought a MF644cdw a few weeks ago, set up a wirless network, and it's been a nightmare ever since.  The printer's internet signal is "good."  Both my Mac and my windows machines recognize the printer and try to print to it; but 80 percent of the time. the print job just hangs endlessly with no action.  This includes simple jobs like printing a test page.; forget about printing PDFs -- useless.


Anyone having similar problems?  The machine is driving me nuts.



Performing these simple troubleshooting steps might help:


Printer is connected to your wireless network.

-What is the printer's IP address? (find this on your router)

-What is the IP address of one of your windows computer? (find this on your PC)


-Can you PING the printer from your windows PC? (run PING command from command prompt)

-You can also open a browser and type the printer's IP there.


-What is the result?


If the IP address your computer thinks the printer has changes, jobs sent to the printer might hang and fail to print.


The easiest thing to do is assign the printer a static IP or reserve an IP for it on your router.  Give it an address that doesn't change.  This way your computer's will always know how to find it.  This only needs to be done once.    




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Yes, I've tried that.  I'll give it another try.