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S110 on/off switch

Got two of these for Christmas 2013.  One had problems after a few weeks of light use.  Push the on button and nothing happens.  I know the battery was fully charged.  Changed to a new fully charged battery.  Same problem.  Send it in for repair.  Af...

Larryjay by Contributor
  • 1 replies

downloading photos to desktop/picasa

The camera in question is a POWER SHOT 4000IS I think. The issue is that I need to know how to download SPECIFIC photos from the sd card as opposed to the entire contents each time I connect to the desktop and open PICASA which downloads the entire c...

rtrg by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

G16 Wi-Fi Issue ..."searching" endlessly!

I was so excited to receive this camera, but the Wi-Fi issues have spoilt the party a little. As unlikley as it seems, I'm starting to think the Wi-Fi on this new G16 is somehow defective. Following the instructions in the manual to set up the Wifi: ...

tuk by Contributor
  • 8 replies

Resolved! PowerShot A630 Replacement Equivalent

I am looking for a newer replacement for my PowerShot A630 (which I absolutely love). Any suggestions? The specs on the A630 that I like the most are the Swivel Screen LCD and internal memory. I would like something a little more up to date, but at a...

kelanne by Contributor
  • 16 replies

Did I damage my new SX50HS?

So earlier I pressed my lens up against a glass to take some pictures. I was trying to zoom out and than I heard a few clicks because I forgot it was up against the glass. When I turned it off after the lens retracted, there was 1 more click.I turned...

Resolved! A2500 function questions (flash, focus)

Hi all I've had a number of Canon powershots so I'm somewhat familiar with the model. However I just got a new 2500 and there are some features that I can't access (or just don't exist?) 1) auto flash off - with my SD 1000 IS I set the flash to "off"...

Resolved! AV cable AVC-DC400 capabilities

I have the Powershot A1400 and i am wondering if the Canon compatible AVC-DC400 AV cable will allow me to live view my realtime movie recording on my TV in real time, or is it only capable of playing back already recorded files.  The problem i have i...

Resolved! Memory card full but no image

I downloaded all the pictures so I got my memory card empty to record my class this morning. I know the memory card can hold only 30 minutes of video (4G) my class was 40 minutes. So when the card fulled the camera stopped by itself. After class I ch...

JazzyH by Contributor
  • 15 replies

Sx 260 Hs

Can anyone help me with the settings for the SX 260Hs when taking action shots? Any tips would be great. All of my pictures either come out really blurry or really dark. What setting should I play around with? I tried changing the shutter speed which...

lapko33 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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