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Wi fi menus screen

Just purchased a new canon 330 HS I am trying to set up wi fi and I can not find the wi fi menu screen. I find a wi fi setting screen but no wi fi menu screen.

Stan by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

SD 750 new memory card

Hello AllI have a power shot SD 750 and it might be few years old but its a trusted camera and i love to use itjust recently i ran out of space on the 2gb memory card and had to purchase a bigger one ( 8gb)my quesation is how do i transfer all the pi...

CameraWindow DC Settings

I recently upgraded to a G12, which came with the CameraWindow DC utility. I also upgraded my PC from an old XP computer to a new Windows8 computer. The new download utility works fine, after I figured out how to stop it from storing images in subfol...

Do not wish to use Canon software

I tried a search on this but didn't find anything.  My mum has just bought a Powershot ELPH330HS.  There seems to be a disturbing trend in digital cameras these days where one has to install the proprietary software in order to even get the photos fr...

KJ by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! sx280hs dark screen while vertical

When I try the camera verticaly the screen goes black (vertical in any direction one rotates it). When horizontal, it is fine.  It will take a vertical picture but I have no way of seeing what the image is since the screen is dark. How to troubleshoo...

memory card lock

Have a brand new elph 520 HS.  First time trying to operate receive "Memory Card Locked".  Purchased a brand new memory card.  Same error.  Can't format, the "format" option remains in the background and is not selectable

gtbsgajd by Apprentice
  • 8 replies
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