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Hi! I am in the market for a new camera and trying to get some advice.


Hi!  I am in the market for a new camera and trying to get some advice.  I owned a Powershot A 720 IS for a number of years and loved it.  Unfortunately, it got dropped one too many times and the battery compartment would no longer stay shut.  I am having a lot of trouble replacing it.  I really prefer a camera that uses AA batteries, which I realize is a rare breed nowadays.  I bought an inexpensive Nikon (Coolpix L610) that met this criteria, but it is so slow that I have missed countless shots of my toddler while I waited for this camera to make up its mind to snap the picture.  So I am back to Canon......  I was looking at the A1400, but it got very mixed reviews on Amazon.  Anyone have any advice for me?  I am willing to accept that I may not own another camera that uses AA batteries, although that would still be my preference.  My main critera are cost (prefer under $300), and ability to shoot pictures quickly without a lot of lag time to focus or recharge flash.  I also do not want to mess with a flash that has to be popped up manually; I want to press the on button and be ready to go!  I also really miss the viewfinder on my A720, but I understand that is rare on cameras in this category now too (why?).  I also want a zoom at least equivalent to my A720 (6x optical zoom).  Is the A1400 a good choice?  What other recommendations would you have for me?  Thanks! 



The issue with the A1400 is that like most economy compact cameras, they will not have very fast focus times in indoor lighting situations. Many people have gone to entry level DSLR's (Canon T3i) or micro 4/3 cameras. They are fairly expensive, but a late model refurbished T3i can sometimes be found with a kit lens for about $300.00. With Auto and scene modes, as well as full manual modes, these are very versatile cameras that focus very quickly, even in lower lighting situations. Canon is not really into the micro 4/3 cameras, instead they are focusing on the new G7x and G1x cameras, which are way out of your price range. The A720 is still available used at some places such as KEH camera, but you'll need to check often as their stock changes constantly. Obviously the DSLR's don't use AA batteries, but the T3i is good for about 600 photos (or more) per charge.


My refurbished DSLR was practically brand new condition when I got it. I could not find any sign of wear at all, so I feel they are a real bargain. These are rugged cameras that are made to last. The A1400 is a $99.00 camera, so it's not intended for heavy usage, plus the image quality of a DSLR (even entry level) is far better than the A1400. That would be my recommendation.


Steve M.

Thanks Steve.  I checked eBay and actually have a used A720 IS heading my way as we speak.  Would love to have a DSLR, but besides the cost, I don't want anything that bulky.  I just need a decent compact to chase my toddler around with! 

Nice to hear you got a replacement A720. Good luck with it and keep that camera clicking!!


Steve M.

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