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G7X Triggers Standard speed Light

DSLR on Canon can trigger external speedlight very good. As G7X has a built-in Wifi, will it be possible if G7X can trigger bigger external speedlight to extend its capability on shooting at darkness?. Tx

danDiem by Contributor
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Resolved! Powersho6 SX60 Charger Question

I just bought a Powershot SX60 HS camera and the box contained the CB-2LCE charger (it has a short cord).  Is the CB-2LC with the flip out prongs the same.  I like the flip out prongs better.  thank you

G16 aperture priority mode

Can someone explain to me how to set the aperture in Av mode? A book I read says to put the mde in Av and then turn the control dial but turning the control dial does nothing at all on my camera. 

Resolved! IS settings

I have a PowerShot A3400 IS.  What settings would be best to stabilize shake while shooting video from a vehicle dashmount? I've experiemented using both auto and live settings, and with the IS off and the IS on, but have not yet hit on the correct c...

jabeita by Contributor
  • 7 replies
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