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Canon Powershot SX530 rotated sd card images Windows 10



I purchased a used Powershot SX530 and love it, but when I upload images from the sd card in Windows 10 they randomly appear rotated 90 degrees. The images are all taken in landscape view, but come rotated in portrait. I tried turning off AUTO-ROTATE but it still happens!! PLEASE HELP! 


Thank you


Rising Star

Keep the auto rotate  " on "  position. Try taking portrait shots.

If this will not work, reset the camera from tools menu.

In windows 10 you can rotate images.

This seemed to happen mostly when the camera was pointed down at the floor. Could this be a bad orientation sensor?

In shooting mode at  menu go to review image after shooting and set to 2 sec. Try shooting downward, you will see if really the image is rotated right away after shooting. If it is rotated then it is the software malfunction and it needs reinstall/updating. The sensor has nothing to do because it is fixed.

It seems to happen more when Im in Program mode. Is there a setting that I need to change?

Go to menu select camera tab select IS ( image stability ) select shoot only.

Also try in AV mode, Scn mode, maybe  a quick movement/shake of camera affect the stability.

Point the camera upward then quickly point downward and shoot any object - see the LCD if the image is rotated.

Try also the video in shaking hand fashion and point to any angle quickly. If video is shaking instably - from menu select continues image stablilization.