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Problem to connect SX620 HS to smartphone



This is the first time I have this problem and I am using this camera for a few years. When I connect to WiFi my camera and my phone ( Android 11 on Oppo A16), the camera still shows the information that I have to open the Camera Connect app, even through I have it open on my phone. I have no clue what to do.

Thank you in advance


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Ska_nji,

I would suggest resetting the wireless settings on the camera to factory defaults and re-establishing the connection with your smartphone to resolve this issue. You can find the reset in your Tools menu, under Wireless settings on the camera.  

Similar problem connecting with my Pixel 6a, tried connecting both to home WiFi as well as a direct link between camera network and phone. Both cases right after I select the camera from the popup menu, it tells me there's an error and can't connect. Problem persists even after resetting camera connection. Suggestions?