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PowerShot ELPH 330 HS won't turn on unless battery is held in.


This has started recently. I take a few shots with a fully charged battery and the camera turns off saying recharge battery. I open the battery door and if I press in and hold the battery in, the camera starts again. If I take my finger off the battery, it might stay on or may turn off. Is there a fix for this, to put more pressure on the battery?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Atikovi,
Thanks for posting.


For assistance with this, please contact our Technical Support Department for assistance with this. For contact options, please use this link:

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It may be the contacts on the battery are dirty. Used a cleaning tool to polish them up and seems to work good now.


Sounds like it is either the contacts on your battery or the contacts inside the battery compartment or the battery cover closed switch. You can clean the contacts on your battery with a pencil eraser. You can spray electrical contact cleaner it the battery compartment, I use Deoxit 5 it is safe for plasitcs and rubber. The battery door cover switch will require service to fix/replace. One other thing I just thought of is the hinge on the battery door cover might be loose which will affect the cover closed switch. I'm not sure if that can be tightened up somehow.

There isn't any switch on the battery cover. The camera turns on with the door open. Maybe you mean the battery retaining arm that keeps the battery down. Anyway, I ordered a new camera during the black friday sales before figuruing this out. $120 for the next better model 360HS. Couldn't pass that deal up, plus I can probably get $70-$80 on Ebay for my 330.

Good move! A repair on it would have cost more than it is worth too. Enjoy your new camera!

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