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imageclass MF249dw - can't print from multipurpose tray


Hi all, I have an imageclass MF249dw.

I am trying to print from the multipurpose tray (assuming that's the name of the top tray) using custom-sized paper of 4.5 x 6.38". I've changed my printer settings and the laptop printing settings to be the same size. However, I'm getting the error "No paper: MP tray. Load paper". There is definitely paper loaded. How do I get it to recognize that there is paper?
Paper is loaded with the short edge in, and the printer makes a beep when I slide the paper in. So it seems like it's recognizing it. But the screen still says "Load paper".
I have reset, unplugged and hard reset, and downloaded all recent drivers. What else can I do??
Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi, snufflesjc! 


So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know which Computer Operating System you're using (Windows Vista/7/8/10 or macOS 10.x/11.x) and how you connect to your device (USB or WiFi).

Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue!

If you're in the United States, and this is an urgent support need, please click HERE to visit your My Canon Account to discover your personalized support options. 

If you're outside of the USA, please click HERE to find support options in your country.

Thanks and have a great day!



I have a MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6 (and also a MacOS Big Sur version 11.5.2) - using wifi connection - and am not able to successfully print from either computer.


Please let me know if you need any other details!

Hello Snufflesjc, We would be happy to assist with the issue. To provide some feedback or some troubleshooting steps, we would need some additional information. If you could reply to this message with the information below, we can provide some assistance. For a more immediate resolution, feel free to contact support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents will be happy to help. When it does not print, do you get an error on the printer display or on the computer? If so, what error do you get? When you go into printers and scanners and click the + at the bottom of the list, does the printer appear in the add printer window? Was the printer working from these computers before?