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Print Cartridge Subscription


When setting up my printer (MF642C) I must have inadvertently subscribed to some kind of cartridge replacement service. I was just notified that a replacement cartridge had been ordered and my credit card was charged. I tried to use the online CHAT to cancel the order and explain that I didn't request this cartridge and don't have the authority to purchase anything for my company (State of Texas) and was told I can't cancel and would have to send it back. They said I could go on my printer to cancel the subscription, but can't find anything like that. That I could log onto my Canon customer account and cancel there. I can't find anywhere that I've authorized automatic cartridge replacement. Any help would be appreciated. 


Product Expert
Product Expert
Hello KerryLeeGoodwin, You can cancel your auto toner service from your My canon account, you can access your account using the link below. You will find the option to adjust/cancel your service under subscriptions on your account page. If you have problems canceling from there, you can contact support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents will be happy to assist.