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Can I get my MF644Cdw to print without color toner cartridges?


Hello all, 


I only print in B/W but the color toner cartridges in my MF644Cdw are problematic and leave vertical streak marks on pages even though it's printing in only B/W. I've found that if I pull each cartridge out and wipe down the roller part with a paper towel it will fix the problem temporarily. After printing a few pages the streak marks make a comeback.


Can I setup the printer to print without the CMY cartridges installed? Thank you!


Product Expert
Product Expert
Hello MLC420, To use the MF644Cdw you will need to have all of the toner cartridges installed. If one were missing, the printer would give you an error and stop working. It does look like there is something wrong with the toner if it is leaking. In this situation, I would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist with checking what is causing that problem with the toner cartridges.